Halloween Techniques: Candies to Avoid

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Have you made a candy plan yet this Halloween season to protect your smile against the dangers that sweets and treats can pose? Even though we’re not telling you to avoid all sweets the season, it is essential to do your best to keep your mouth safe from additional risks that can arise.

You may not know it, but as you get older, your teeth can become weaker and less effective for biting into hard snacks and sweets. Numerous candies that are popular during the Halloween season, such as cotton candy and popcorn balls, run additional risks for you smile including chipping or cracking your teeth. To protect your smile, limit or avoid these sweets enitrely. Also, be sure to floss daily to eliminate any bits of popcorn or candy that maybe lodged between teeth.

It is important to brush twice daily to help avert any damage that can arise from sugary sweets and treats. The sugars in candy can easily promote cavities and enamel loss. Some substances such as fruit drinks and sour candies can be nearly as acidic as battery acid. With the proper oral health care, you can keep your smile sturdy throughout the year.

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