Implant-Supported Dentures and Their Benefits

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Another option that you might consider for dentures are the implant-supported kind. They can be sturdier than other dentures, particularly on the lower jaw, and they come in a couple of varieties.

Typically, the implants are placed in the front part of the jaw. There are fewer nerves and more bone in the front part of the jaw, which makes inserting the implants much easier and ensures they will stay in place.

These dentures work best in the lower jaw. Other dentures struggle to stay in place on the lower jaw. Because of the implants, these dentures have a sturdy connections that allow them to stick better than other variations.

The denture is made like any other denture. It has artificial teeth made of porcelain or acrylic. The teeth will be attached to a base made of acrylic, which should look like your gum tissue.

The denture can be attached to the implants in a couple of different ways. Either option allows the denture to be removed from your mouth.

You might go with a bar-retained, where a thin rod is attached to the implants. The rod matches the curve of your jaw bone. The rod has clips that attach to the denture to hold it in place.

With ball-retained dentures, the dentures attach to the implants using balls and sockets. The denture and the implants snap together, much like buttons on coats.

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