Older Teeth and Oral Health

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While you may not yet be a candidate for dentures, getting older means a reevaluation of the way you treat your teeth is in order. Just because you aren’t eating as much candy as you used to when you were a kid, doesn’t mean that your teeth aren’t going to need as much attention. If anything, as we age our teeth will have extra issues associated with getting older. It is always a good idea to keep up with the rituals your dentist taught you when you were younger. Which are…

-Brushing and flossing each day to keep plaque from becoming difficult to remove tartar.
-Limiting the amount of sugars and starches you eat.
-Making regular trips to the dentist every six months for professional cleaning of your teeth and to catch any oral issues before they develop into serious problems.

These time-honored tips are traditions worth continuing ritualistically if you want to keep your teeth healthy and happy well into your senior years. Additional wariness on the below topics is also in order:

-Watch out for cracked or fractured teeth that may go undetected.
-Receding gumline and overall issues with gum disease.
-Changing mouth and gums that expose tooth roots or weak points in previous dental work.
-Sensitive teeth that are a sign that something has been attacked by decay.

If you’d like more information about aging teeth and what you can do to care for them, feel free to call Dr. Mark Prosniewski and our team at The Bartlett Dental Station. You can make an appointment at: 630-837-2779, or come by our office in Bartlett, Illinois.