Smile Marvels: Teething Treatments

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Do you know what teething is and how it can affect your child’s comfort levels? Teething is a process in which your child feels discomfort when they have their teeth erupting above their gums. This process is totally natural but can cause a mild amount of pain. Fortunately, several treatments are available to help assist with the condition.

Rather than let teething run its course, there are pain relieving treatments that can be provided to help assist with your child’s oral health. If your child is teething, the use of numbing agents including gauze pads, small spoons or teething rings can assuage discomfort that may be felt associated with the condition. For additional care and pain relievers, pediatric dentists can provide you with medications. Be careful about which products and pain relievers to use for your child and make sure they have been approved by your child’s pediatric dentist.

Oftentimes, visual clues can indicate the presence of teething. If you notice teeth are slowly beginning to erupt above the gumline, the chance of discomfort associated with the eruption is extremely high. However, if you notice any signs and symptoms of excessive drooling, minor irritability, difficulty sleeping and an increased bout of fussiness and loss of appetite, it could be linked to teething. However, if your child experiences extreme symptoms including rashes or diarrhea, they will need advanced medical care.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. Mark Prosniewski and our team at our office in Bartlett, Illinois, we can make sure your child’s smile thrives with pediatric oral health care. To book an appointment for teething at The Bartlett Dental Station, call us at 630-837-2779.