Summer Smile Upgrades Courtesy of Dental Crowns or Veneers

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Are you ready for a summer smile upgrade courtesy of dental crowns or veneers? Dental crowns and veneers are cosmetic dentistry tooth restorations designed to repair teeth by concealing the damage with durable shells that can be customized and crafted for the look and color you desire.

Dental crowns are customizable shells that fully encapsulate teeth for an enhanced look that can not only improve the look of teeth to your desire, but they also provide an additional level of protection for each tooth. With effective care, a standard dental crown can last anywhere from two decades up to a lifetime of normal use.

Dental veneers are highly customizable shells that are effective at improving the look, color, shape, alignment, and size of a tooth by covering up and concealing the fronts of a tooth. Dental veneers are well known for their ability to give people entire smile makeovers and turn below-average smiles into movie-star quality masterpieces. With normal wear and tear, a typical dental veneer can be expected to last approximately ten years before it may need to be replaced.

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