Teenage Dentistry Secrets for a Healthy Smile

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As if there weren’t enough things to worry about as a teen, the likelihood of damage to your incoming permanent teeth continues to mount. Not only is a teen’s life seemingly built atop the foundation of social success, but your smile tends to be a key factor in the make-or-break world of teenagers. Poor oral hygiene could spell disaster as you seek to secure your place within the social circles of friends. However, the greatest risks of all to your oral health are due to peer pressure.

Mouth jewelry finds its niche around the teen years. A teen’s desire to be well liked or accepted in social settings boosts their desire to change their look, often in unhealthy ways. One such method, mouth jewelry, including tongue and lip rings, can increase your risk for oral infections and disease. Furthermore, mouth jewelry becomes a threat to your teeth due to the fact they can easily chip or crack your teeth if they are made of hard plastic or metal. They also pose a choking risk should they ever break off or fracture.

Another big risk to the smiles of teens is due to smoking and drugs. Using drugs, or smoking or chewing tobacco, can increase a teen’s risk for an assortment of oral health defects, including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Teaching a teen to circumvent peer pressure and avoid bad habits could save their smile for the rest of their life.

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