Tips on How to Make Your Child’s Dental Appointment Easier for You and Your Child

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Dental appointments can be tough, especially with and for a child. They can be tiring, difficult, and even stressful. However, our The Bartlett Dental Station dental team is happy to give you the tips you need to increase your chances of you and your child having a better and more successful dental appointment in Bartlett, Illinois.

First, schedule the appointment at the best time possible. Timing is important for a successful appointment, which is why our team asks that you do not bring your child in for their appointment during their naptime or during their feeding time. If your child tends to be cranky when they wake up, we also recommend that you avoid bringing them in after their nap. For older children, it’s oftentimes hard to visit Dr. Mark Prosniewski right after school or extracurricular activities. If they don’t have the energy to go through treatment, it’s best for them to come back another time.

Second, be an example. Your child follows your lead, which is why we suggest that you set a good example for them. If you have an appointment, it’s best that you have your treatment before your child. That way they can see that it’s not so bad in the dental chair and it’s OK to have Dr. Mark Prosniewski clean and examine the smile.

Third, suppress your anxiety. If you feel nervous, anxious, or scared at the dental office, your child will most likely feel it too. This is why we ask you to do your best to suppress your nerves and anxiety. If you feel relaxed and comfortable in the dental chair, there is a chance your child will feel that way as well.

If you use our tips, there is a high chance your child’s dental appointments will be more successful and positive. To learn more or if you have any questions, please remember that you can always call The Bartlett Dental Station at 630-837-2779 and talk to a member of our dental team. The sooner you call us the sooner we’ll be able to help you!