Older Teeth and Oral Health

While you may not yet be a candidate for dentures, getting older means a reevaluation of the way you treat your teeth is in order. Just because you aren’t eating as much candy as you used to when you were a kid, doesn’t mean that your teeth aren’t going to need as much attention. If anything, as we age our... read more »

Discover Your Bad Breath Trigger to Improve It

Bad breath has many triggers that could put a damper on your brightest day. However, persistent bad breath that seems stubborn is also known as halitosis, which is a sign something could be amiss in your oral health. To help you discover the triggers to your bad breath blues, our dentist, Dr. Mark Prosniewski with The Bartlett Dental Station in... read more »

Revive Your Oral Health During Cold and Flu Season

To enhance your smile and continue to take care of your mouth as needed, it is important to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to produce saliva. This is because saliva can help wash away food debris, neutralize harmful acids, and fight disease in the mouth. However, individuals often begin to neglect their oral health if they get... read more »

Snoring is a Sign of Sleep Apnea

Is your partner telling you that you snore? Did you know, sleep apnea can lead to many health problems? Well, it’s true! Snoring is the main sign of sleep apnea and needs to be treated. To help you learn more, or dentist, Dr. Mark Prosniewski with The Bartlett Dental Station in Bartlett, Illinois, is happy to explain sleep apnea. To... read more »

Gum Disease Treatment Options

When you have gum disease, you have some degree of inflammation or infection of the gums supporting your teeth. Your gums succumb to disease when harmful plaque irritates the oral tissues and breaks down the tissues. Treatment options are determined by the severity of your condition, Regardless of the level of disease, recovery hinges on your at-home oral hygiene care.... read more »

Protect the Health of Your Little One with These Steps

If you stay up all night soothing a child, hang in there! You’ll eventually get to sleep regular hours again. To help you keep your baby soothed, we’ve amassed a little bit of data for you on dental care for babies. If you have any additional queries about this information, or if you’d like to bring your child in for... read more »

Dentistry Highlights: Mouthwash

It is important to discuss with your dentist product recommendations and suggestions for your mouthwash treatment. As mouthwash is a very effective alternative cleaning substance to use after eating or during times when brushing and flossing cannot be used, it is important to make sure you are using effective products that meet your oral health care needs. Two major forms... read more »

Important Dental Insight on Aging and Dental Health

How happy are you with your smile? Are you doing everything you can to ensure your smile is in the best condition it can be? Do you avoid unhealthy habits, eat healthy foods, and clean your teeth properly on a daily basis? In order to give yourself the best chance for oral health care success, you'll need a combination of... read more »

Implant-Supported Dentures and Their Benefits

Another option that you might consider for dentures are the implant-supported kind. They can be sturdier than other dentures, particularly on the lower jaw, and they come in a couple of varieties. Typically, the implants are placed in the front part of the jaw. There are fewer nerves and more bone in the front part of the jaw, which makes... read more »

Oral Health Care Fundamentals: Enhanced Oral Health Care Treatments

To ensure your smile has the best chance of success this holiday season, it is important to make sure you're following effective oral health care prevention techniques, proper oral hygiene, a good diet, and routine visits to your dentist. With all the risks and hazards that can present themselves in our lives to our teeth and gums, it is important... read more »