A Quiz on Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are just for sports, right? Actually, they can be utilized for much more than that. Learn more about how to shield your chompers with mouth guards by taking this short test we’ve made. We hope you enjoy it! 1. This type of mouth guard guards your chompers from grinding and chipping, and it is commonly prescribed to those... read more »

Halloween Techniques: Candies to Avoid

  Have you made a candy plan yet this Halloween season to protect your smile against the dangers that sweets and treats can pose? Even though we're not telling you to avoid all sweets the season, it is essential to do your best to keep your mouth safe from additional risks that can arise. You may not know it, but... read more »

Dental Crowns: How to Keep Them Healthy

Once you’ve had a dental crown installed into your mouth, you should monitor the fit and feel of the crown to make sure that it’s performing suitably. Here are some things to monitor and pieces of advice you can follow to make sure that your dental health is at its peak. Unless we’ve performed a root canal on your tooth,... read more »

Determining the Factors Causing Tooth Sensitivity Discomfort Will Help Develop an Effective Treatment Plan

Sometimes brushing your teeth with a brand of toothpaste formulated with potassium nitrate will help reduce or alleviate tooth sensitivity discomfort. While this might prove to be an effective short-term option, you should not think of it as a long-term treatment plan. In many cases, the underlying cause of tooth sensitivity is linked to some other oral health condition. So... read more »

How to Get Ready for Your Child’s Wisdom Tooth Extraction Appointment

If your teen is about to undergo wisdom tooth extraction, good for them! This treatment can help them have the strong and healthy smile they deserve. Before they start their appointment, it’s important to do all you can to help them prepare. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Mark Prosniewski, is happy to give you some helpful tips.... read more »

Teenage Dentistry Secrets for a Healthy Smile

As if there weren’t enough things to worry about as a teen, the likelihood of damage to your incoming permanent teeth continues to mount. Not only is a teen’s life seemingly built atop the foundation of social success, but your smile tends to be a key factor in the make-or-break world of teenagers. Poor oral hygiene could spell disaster as... read more »

Enhance Your Smile with Bruxism Treatments

As time rolls on, your dental care must do the same. Unfortunately, teeth grinding due to bruxism is a serious problem that often goes untreated by those who suffer from it. You can enhance your oral health with bruxism treatments to keep your teeth crack-free. To learn more about bruxism, ask yourself the following: - Have you witnessed or been told... read more »

What Is Sleep Apnea and Are You Susceptible to It?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder caused by interrupted air patterns or obstructed airflow while you sleep. It occurs in many individuals and it is serious and needs to be treated as soon as symptoms begin to show. There are two major forms of sleep apnea, including central sleep apnea which is caused by a failure of signals being sent... read more »

How to Keep Your Toothbrush Free of Bacteria

If you're not careful, your toothbrush could harbor many germs. This is dangerous because if you brush your smile with a dirty tool, there is a chance the bacteria can transfer to your mouth and cause complications. So, it's best to keep your toothbrush as clean as possible. To help you do so, Dr. Mark Prosniewski and our dental team... read more »

Quality First Aid Can Help Assess the Severity of an Injured Lip

There are a variety of things that can cause an injury to your lip. This could come in the form of an accidental fall or a blow to the face. Athletes in contact sports are at increased risk of lip injuries during practices and games. When one occurs, you will need to apply quality first aid principles to help minimize... read more »